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March 16 2017

Dear Friends:


We will start with the good news: The Three Battles of Vitebsk has arrived and has now been shipped.


The disappointing news is that the T-34 book is still in Europe and now it looks like it will not be here until end of April-beginning of May. Patience please, we have all the orders and will ship when it arrives.


The bad news is that, despite its popularity and excellent quality, the magazine The European Volunteer has been discontinued. We are topping up so that we have a limited number of complete sets, and we are having a special offer for those of you that do not have this excellent reference. We offer the 4-magazine set for $75.00 (you get 4 issues for the price of 3), so do not wait too long.


Embarassing news - does not happen too often, but we are not perfect. We have overstocked on a couple of books and it is too complicated and expensive to ship them back to the distributor. So, we are offering them at a really good price. We have several of each, so, while they last: Panzergrenadiers to the Front (Helion) is now $75.00. and Wiking Vol 3 (Heimdal) is now $95.00. First come first served on these two!!


Out of print news - the boook Kampfgruppe Mühlenkamp (RZM) is now out of print. We have 2 copies that are slightly damaged, couple of corners dented a bit. We are selling these for $85.00.


More news soon on our next book (Waffen-SS unit history), which is being laid out now.


Have a nice weekend,  John and Sharron

About Us

J.J. Fedorowicz Publishing went into business in 1983 as Military Book Distributor, selling other companies’ books through the mail. Many of those books were in German, and so during the next few years a number of individuals commented on how it would be nice to see them in English. I investigated the costs and possibilities, and the first book was printed; 400 copies of a 40-page biography on Paul Hausser (how many of you own that one?). This was followed by European Volunteers, the first hard cover and first translation. And here we are now, almost 100 books later, and many more to go.

From the first day, the company’s objective was to provide translations of the very best German-language books covering the German ground forces in WW II and to publish them in a format that would last many years (hard cover, on acid-free paper, with laminated covers). It appears that we have been fairly successful.

Started as a one-man operation by John Fedorowicz, the company grew steadily until more help was needed. Over time, 3 partners came on board and we added Tiger Hobbies as a local outlet for modelers and book buyers. Eventually, as times and economic circumstances demanded, the company has returned to the original owner. However, Sharron, who came on board in 2002 as office manager, has stayed to keep me in line and on target. Ken helps with Tiger Hobbies. So here we are, John, Sharron and Ken - when you call you will get one of us.

Defying the hard economic situation, we plan to publish many more excellent books in the future and to serve your reading and modeling needs for many more years.